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We’ve actually moved to http://thefantagetown.wordpress.com!
Please go and follow on that blog 🙂


  • No usage of vulgar words (no cussing)
  • No arguments of any issue.
  • No spamming in comments.
  • No advertising, it’s considered as spam.
  • No copying, re-uploading or stealing.
  • No asking of personal info.
  • Have fun!

The moment you’ve been waiting for!!

Please read everything!
YES! Fantage loaded-

Sorry I spam my own blog. I’m just really happy because it WORKED! 😀 😀

SO now I can share the name!!
The Fantage Town

Go follow on that blog!
I probably won’t gurantee that just because it loaded this time, it will work from now on. That means I might still be posting pretty little.

Anyway, one last thing. My WordPress is now “carolyn6603”, so I will be changing my codename to that.

– Carolyn6603


Okay fine THIS is my second-last post.

First off, Fantage will never load for me. Which means I can’t blog.
I will probably only post when Fantage loads (which is like 1/100 chance ._.)

so yeah. this blog is literally dead, thanks to something D:<


My Second-Last Post (on this blog)

Newly added words in Pink.
Hey guys! All of you have been wondering what I mean by that title.

NO, I’m NOT quitting did you hear the “(on this blog)” part???
I’m wanting to start new afresh blog (idk why) by moving.

I just remembered that my email is sakurafantagecandies@gmail.com and my new blog will be called something else, so I will be keeping that email, please note that in mind.

The problem is, Fantage is always STUCK at 67, I really can’t blog (because you need to screenshot and all) anymore. Probably really little every week. So I have to sit there refreshing every two minutes waiting for it to LOAD.

Everything on my new blog will be the same, but I’m going to be posting a new… thing. 😉

Oh and if you guys want to suggest some blog names for my upcoming new blog, please comment all the way below! 🙂

//my last post will be me telling you all what my new URL is xP//

Seeya all on my next blog ^^

I’m Back!

Hey everyone I’m back! 😀

How’s everyone ^^
So on May 1 was my ballet exam

not like anyone needed to know -_-

So yeah, I’m back, but I probably won’t be posting…

– christina6603 –

Well, bye for now.

I’d just like to say Happy Easter to all of you.

You might have guessed already what I’m going to say. This blog has been inactive for almost 2 months. I’ve been missing blogging ever since I haven’t been on for a while. It’s almost been 2 months? Really? I haven’t been posting at all.

Note to other blogs I might be working on, I also will not be posting there, but I am NOT leaving them.

And I’m not leaving for now forever, just a quick note here.
I will still reply to your comments but for now, I’m leaving. I will NOT permanently leave, because this blog is by me, and I’m not giving up on it now.

From now on, you will definitely hear from me more on my DeviantArt. (My username is xBerrySilver) I keep all my stuff there, though I haven’t updated my Art Page.

Easter Event 2015, sure. Like I can go on when my Fantage doesn’t load AT ALL. For some reason 67 is my unlucky number or something.

Note that I will set the comments settings to automatic approval. Please respect that setting when I’m gone. I do NOT want any argument, cussing, spamming etc. in my notifications.

Fantage is becoming, really, not for me anymore. Busy in life, I’m taking that a bit more seriously. Plus, I don’t feel Fantage very exciting anymore. Repeats? MyMall? Gold? PM Boutique? Do I really want to know?!

Not blogging or playing Fantage anymore. I will be on my DeviantArt, Fantage editing and drawing on my tablet. (BTW, all my digital art are there) At least probably until the end of this month.
Seeya all at the end of the month. Bye.


My Last Post

Goodbye, Princess_MooMoo. You inspired me to make my own Fantage blog, and many other people also.



Hello everyone. It’s been a while, and I’m not quite sure where to start.

I want to apologize for leaving for nearly three months without any explanation. Something rather unfortunate happened in real life that required my full attention, and, well, let’s just leave it at that, for my own privacy and to spare you from a long boring story.

I’m (again) amazed that this blog has continued to be active during my absence, whether it be through views, comments, or asks. You all are truly the most wonderful bunch of people I have ever met online. It’s difficult to express how extremely grateful I am to have met you all, merely by typing some words on my keyboard, but please believe that I mean every word I’m typing in the most sincere way.

Many of you have already come to the conclusion that I won’t be returning to blog. As…

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2015 St.Patrick’s Day!

Enjoy this post from Fashionable Fantagian:
-St. Patrick’s Day Event

Fashionable Fantagian

St. Patrick’s Day is here!!! Look how green everything is!






The limited cart is located at uptown. Wow so much stuff here.



Green Fedora: 1,500 Gold ;3,000 Star

Brown Short Cut: 3,000 Gold ;6,000 Star

Buttondown with Suspenders: 2,000 Gold ;4,000 Star

Checkered Green Pants: 2,000 Gold ; 4,000 Star

Brown Flat Shoes: 1,200 Gold ;2,400 Star

Rainbow Clover Board: 4,000 Gold ;8,000 Star

In my opinion the hair and the shoes are not worth to buy, you can buy something similar to them in Le Shop for a more reasonable price and plus they are really plain looking. Delm everything is so expensive. I bought the top and the board and I’m broke now lol…



Parade is located at downtown during 4:00 PM FST. It was 4:00 a while ago and everyone freaked out and shouted for the parade but turns out…

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